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Artificial Intelligence.
Build intelligent applications that use cutting edge deep learning and NLP techniques to learn from your users.
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The Tiancai Difference
The best place to build your next software project.
Pricing Pricing
Hassle Free Project Management
When you start a project on Tiancai, you will be automatically matched with a Project Manager (PM) and development team. The PM will take care of managing the team and the project. All you have to do is sit back and watch your software come to life.
Timeline Timeline
A.I. Powered Efficiency
We use proprietary A.I to improve the efficiency of our developers, designers and project managers. This is why we can provide Silicon Valley-grade software at a competitive price.
Quality Quality
World Class Talent
Tiancai uses a rigorous vetting process to ensure that only the world's best talent is allowed to join our network. The developers on the Tiancai network have attended the world's best Computer Science schools and are experts in their fields.
Process Process
Fixed Pricing
We use A.I to generate a fixed price quote before your project starts. If you choose to build your project on Tiancai, the price quoted will be the price you pay. No Overages. No Extra Costs. Period.
How A.I works
Example timeline of A.I development services.
2 people
12 weeks
Define Objectives
2 weeks
Collect Data
2 weeks
Analyze Data
4 weeks
Learn and Conclude
4 weeks
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Hi there! Ready to join our network and work on some cool projects on your own time?
Please send your CV to join@tiancai.pro to join our network now!
Note: In the email, please ensure to clearly indicate whether you want to apply as a Project Manager, Developer, or Designer.
Hi there! Thank you for your interest in starting a project on our platform!
Tiancai is currently in beta, please send your project inquiries to projects@tiancai.pro and our Sales Engineer will be in touch.
Note: In the email, please include as much details on the project as possible.
Interested in joining the Tiancai HQ and changing the world?
Send us your CV and tell us why you want to join Tiancai at jobs@tiancai.pro . We look forward to hearing from you!
Note: In the email, please include why you are interested in joining Tiancai HQ.