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How is the Tiancai platform different than other freelance platforms?
Unlike traditional outsourcing firms, we match our customers with a team of top talents and not a single individual freelancer, the complexity of projects we can take on far exceeds those on other platforms. To make sure the challenge of managing a team is not put on our customers, we have world class project managers as our customers' single point of contact.
How do I apply to join the Tiancai network as a Developer, Designer, or Project Manager?
We are currently in beta, please apply by sending your resume to join@tiancai.pro
What are the requirements to become a Tiancai network member?
There are no specific requirements to become a Tiancai, but we only allow highly experienced/talented people into the network.
How do I start a project with Tiancai?
We are currently not accepting public project submission as we are currently in beta. If you are interested in starting a project, email projects@tiancai.pro and we will let you know when we begin accepting projects.
What if I want to add more features after the project has started?
To add additional features, just ask your Project Manager during one of your bi-weekly updates and he/she will quote you promptly.
I find the Tiancai mission of making custom software affordable for all very exciting! How do I join the automation revolution?
Great! We are always looking for passionate people to join us! Check out our careers page here.
Hi there! Ready to join our network and work on some cool projects on your own time?
Please send your CV to join@tiancai.pro to join our network now!
Note: In the email, please ensure to clearly indicate whether you want to apply as a Project Manager, Developer, or Designer.
Hi there! Thank you for your interest in starting a project on our platform!
Tiancai is currently in beta, please send your project inquiries to projects@tiancai.pro and our Sales Engineer will be in touch.
Note: In the email, please include as much details on the project as possible.
Interested in joining the Tiancai HQ and changing the world?
Send us your CV and tell us why you want to join Tiancai at jobs@tiancai.pro . We look forward to hearing from you!
Note: In the email, please include why you are interested in joining Tiancai HQ.