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Automation Revolution
Our goal
Make our mission a reality
We want to be the go-to software development platform for Asia's largest brands. The whole process should be hassle-free and as simple & intuitive as calling an Uber.
Who we are
Our team is changing the way the world builds software.
Team Tiancai is a passionate group of problem solvers dedicated to making software development more efficient.
As an organization, we strive to drive down the cost of building custom software in our quest to bring the power of the computing revolution to all of humanity.
We are changing the world and are excited about it. Like what you see here? Apply to join the Tiancai HQ team in our mission to make software affordable to all.
Meet our Team
Our hiring philosophy
We hire the best talent that believes our vision.
"It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do." - Steve Jobs
At Tiancai we try to make our recruiting process as scientific as possible, so we assess our candidates for cultural fit and ability by having them spend a day in the office working with the team.
Why work at Tiancai HQ
We make sure everyone at Tiancai is challenged and engaged.
Challenging Mission
Challenging Mission
In our mission to automate software development, we get to work every day on some of the most fundamental and exciting problems in Computer Science and AI.
Optimal working environment
Optimal working environment
Tiancai team members work in a modern open office environment stocked with top-of-the-line equipment, standing desks, and lots of freebies including: free drinks, snacks, catered lunches, gadgets and more.
Social activities
Social activities
It's fun to work at Tiancai, and one of the best perks of joining our team is the frequent offsites and team events. In addition to our weekly team lunches and monthly team building activities, we host a number of meetups, tech talks and hackathons regularly.
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Where we are
Hong Kong based headquarter with a worldwide network
Career office
Location. Location. Location. - We don't like to brag, but it isn't hard for us to say with confidence that Tiancai has the best startup office in Hong Kong. Located on the top floor of Entertainment Building in Central, Hong Kong and just a 3 minute walk from the Central MTR station, Tiancai's core office is strategically located to be convenient for our HQ team members and customers.
Looking to freelance? We accept worldwide talents to join our Tiancai network to build our customer's challenging software projects.
Why top talents love working on Tiancai
Work on cutting edge software projects for top brands with other elite Developers, Designers and Project Managers.
Work remotely from anywhere in the world.
Join a prestigious community which values talent over experience and only accepts the best.
Work alongside engineers from the worlds best Computer Science schools and top tech companies.
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We are looking for talented developers, designers and project managers.
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Hi there! Thank you for your interest in starting a project on our platform!
Tiancai is currently in beta, please send your project inquiries to and our Sales Engineer will be in touch.
Note: In the email, please include as much details on the project as possible.
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Note: In the email, please include why you are interested in joining Tiancai HQ.